Rewriting your way to another $300 million...
Cory at points us to this, presumably snagged from some development girl's desk:

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FACE OFF now on
Wear someone else's face?

Well, that's one way for Hollywood to bring back old stars...
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A famous test case for author incorporation
About Edgar Rice Burroughs, Inc..

I wonder how much Disney had to pay to make the recent cartoons?
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Always be polite when writing rejection letters
At times, there have been discussions on the fine art of writing rejection letters, and how one has to juggle it with tact and diplomacy. There are those who wonder why one should be polite with slush, and now we have a VERY good reason. From the Chicago Tribune:

In the early 1970s, an unsolicited poem arrived in the Chicago office of Poetry, a small, influential but typically financially strapped literary magazine. It was from a Mrs. Guernsey Van Riper Jr. of Indianapolis.

Joe Parisi, the editor, thought it good but not up to the standards of a monthly known for running the works of titans of 20th Century poetry, including William Butler Yeats, W.H. Auden and Dylan Thomas.

Perhaps it was Parisi's handwritten rejection note. Or similar rejection notes he'd send over the years to the same woman, whom he has to this day never met or even spoken with. But, along the way, Mrs. Van Riper grew to have affection for the publication, the kind that may change the state of poetry in America.

Van Riper, who later divorced and switched back to her maiden name of Ruth Lilly, is the last surviving great-grandchild of Col. Eli Lilly, founder of Eli Lilly and Co., the pharmaceutical giant. At 87, she is a very low-profile, ailing billionaire-philanthropist who will now alter the 700-square-foot world of the four-person magazine housed in the basement of Chicago's Newberry Library.

Lilly will stratospherically increase her own previous donations to Poetry by giving it well in excess of $100 million over the next 30 years, with no strings attached.

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The Graphic Novel section of Lucien's Library
Over here we have the comic book version of Good Omens by Phil Foglio and Matt Howarth, and over here we have Alan Moore's Twilight of the Superheroes... and somebody has misfiled my Thunderbolt series proposal!
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The Man of Bronze, Not Steel
The 86th Floor, an unofficial Doc Savage site, viewable in either 1930s or 1960s style, which is a kinda cool detail. Information on the pulps, the comics, the radio show. Lovingly put together.

The fan letters, reproduced from the site owner's pulp collection, are gems.

For example:

"...I am only a boy of fourteen but, nevertheless, I want to join your club because I feel that now is the time to build up my ideals. If every young boy or girl joined and followed Doc Savage's creed, I think there would be less of the crime committed by minors and young men and women..."
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Affirmative Action: no Tolkiens here
If The Lord Of The Rings Had Been Written By Someone Else... well, it would be quite different.

If I were to tell you the true story behind the unmaking of that ring...that ring! would think me mad. Horrors such as are scribed in ancient tomes of eldritch evil cannot compare to the terror...the cruel, cold, braincrushing terror!...that we felt in the lair of that foul spirit which raimed itself in arachnid form, that vile scavenger, that horrid arcane leech lingering at the border's of Sauron's Black Land...

--The Ring-Journal of an Anonymous Hobbit, by H.P. Lovecraft

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I spy, with my little eye...another website.
Another look at the coolest spies, Alexander Scott and Kelly Robinson. This site has a concordance of show-related items as well as ranked episode reviews and complete listings of which episodes are available on which DVD--they're all out there, but not always in the original sequence.
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No, the movie is nothing like the show.
The definitive I Spy website.
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A word from the management on hijacking
WTC (17k image) Because Peter David's blog reaches many more people than this one or mine does, I've hijacked it for a post. Considering the subject, I don't think he'll mind.

Why? Because down the street from me is my town library, my voting place-- and from the steps of that I saw the results of the a very important hijacking-- my photo of what it looked like is at left. And two years earlier when I voted here, there was another important hijacking, this was of a presidential election. So when I go to vote today, I'll be reminded of both those events.

And you should be too.

If you think the current administration has done a horrible job of tracking down the people responsible for that day, or are trying to pull a bait and switch of targets with Iraq, or if you think that Bush should have at least stopped reading to kids when he heard about the plane crashing into the Twin Towers, or if you think that the current administration has done all it can for its corporate contributors and damn little for anybody else, or if you happen to think the President is a liar and a buffoon, or if you're terrified about the judges that would get appointed and everything else that would happen in a Bush-dominated Congress, or if you just don't want to see what happened to Jesus Castillo happen to anybody else-- then your vote is needed.

Remember-- you can't complain about the Supreme Court taking away your vote in the last election if you don't vote in this one.

So go vote!
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In Memento Mori
Charles Sheffield is no longer with us. More details to come.

UPDATE: The Washington Post has an excellent obituary.
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