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11/05/2002: "A word from the management on hijacking"

WTC (17k image) Because Peter David's blog reaches many more people than this one or mine does, I've hijacked it for a post. Considering the subject, I don't think he'll mind. Why? Because down the street from me is my town library, my voting place-- and from the steps of that I saw the results of the a very important hijacking-- my photo of what it looked like is at left. And two years earlier when I voted here, there was another important hijacking, this was of a presidential election. So when I go to vote today, I'll be reminded of both those events. And you should be too. If you think the current administration has done a horrible job of tracking down the people responsible for that day, or are trying to pull a bait and switch of targets with Iraq, or if you think that Bush should have at least stopped reading to kids when he heard about the plane crashing into the Twin Towers, or if you think that the current administration has done all it can for its corporate contributors and damn little for anybody else, or if you happen to think the President is a liar and a buffoon, or if you're terrified about the judges that would get appointed and everything else that would happen in a Bush-dominated Congress, or if you just don't want to see what happened to Jesus Castillo happen to anybody else-- then your vote is needed. Remember-- you can't complain about the Supreme Court taking away your vote in the last election if you don't vote in this one. So go vote!